To transport oversized equipment, structures and machinery, INSHI MEREZHI LLC uses a wide range of vehicles appropriate for transportation of a particular type of cargo. This can be open platforms of container trucks, Jumbo semi-trailers, special-purpose trailers equipped with the necessary attachments (ramps for back-in access, the mechanism detaching the trailer’s front part to allow access of the vehicle to be transported from the ground, special-purpose tools and mechanisms for loading and unloading operations, fastening of the cargo to be transported, etc.).

Selecting the vehicles for transportation of your cargo, we take into account not only its geometrical dimensions but also the weight since a precise calculation is an important factor for successful transportation. Our clients are very important to us, and thus the specialists of INSHI MEREZHI LLC always assess the capabilities of our motor vehicles in order to optimize the Transportation Safety / Transportation Price ratio.

Our Company maintains permanent contacts with national and foreign companies which ensure a safe and steady passage of oversized road trains in their regions.