INSHI MEREZHI LLC transported loads weighting 40.0 – 70.0 tons within Ukraine and the CIS countries as well as the countries of Western Europe on many occasions. To make the transportation of this type, our Company uses only special-purpose motor trailers which have the specifications and design features allowing not only to safely transport heavy cargo, but also to minimize the damage to the road surface, and this, in turn, reduces the transportation cost. Safety and reliability of transportation of oversized special-purpose equipment is ensured because we use road trains with different platform lengths and widths, limit approach angle and small loading height.

In Europe, load weight is of fundamental importance. If it exceeds 60 t, practically in all countries additional inspection of artificial constructions along the traffic route is a must. Of course, this increases the transportation cost and the set of necessary permits and approvals.

This type of transportation also includes many project cargoes - one of the most difficult type of cargo transportation which may require to switch off, raise or even dismantle electric power lines or even change the landscape. The difficulty of such transportation is that a detailed plan should be developed for the project because the scope of losses and the result of transportation depend on each meter of the road.

A company assuming responsibility for transportation should ensure high reliability of oversized heavy cargo delivery. Our Company has close business cooperation with enterprises authorized to examine routes and issue special permits for the passage of heavy road trains, and this allows us to customize the possibility, timing and cost of such transportations. Well-established and adjusted contacts with foreign partners allow us in the shortest possible time and at minimum cost to apply for and obtain necessary approvals to organize pilot cars for heavy transport and, if necessary, cars of the traffic police or security guards all along the cargo transportation route.