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I need to transport non-standard cargo
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What advantages does road transportation?
Transportation of yachts and motor boats

Transportation of yachts and motor boats

Besides the land transporting oversized heavy loads, work of our enterprise closely related to marine and river a transport.

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 Transportation of building technique

Transportation of building technique

Building of roads, houses, stadiums, whole cities and other your unique projects, requires help of ferrous monsters of building technique.

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Passenger vehicle transportation

Passenger vehicle transportation

The transport vehicles intended for transportation of people are a very specific load.

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Transportation of agricultural machinery

Transportation of agricultural machinery

Transportation of agricultural technique - one of the most highly sought services in the field of негабаритных transportations in Ukraine.

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Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes

LTD. "ІНШІ МЕРЕЖІ" repeatedly carried out transporting of loads weighing 40,0 - 70,0 tons as on territory of Ukraine and CIS.

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Transportation of oversized equipment

Transportation of oversized equipment

For transportations of негабаритного equipment, constructions and technique of LTD. "ІНШІ МЕРЕЖІ" uses various rolling stock.

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Arranging transporting of oversized and extra heavy loads

is one of the most difficult types of truck transportation making demands for each work step. Exactness of transportation request by a customer is not less important in this case than driver’s experience, for who a customer trusts heavy and expensive goods. Even a small imprecision of indicated cargo sizes can be damage reason, than a mistake of driver, who is unable to rate the right turning radius. Because of special difficultness, peculiarity of every task, high risk degree and tremendous mistake price, the oversized and heavy cargo transportation is a separate branch of truck transportation. Only a few freight forwarding companies in Ukraine, including «INSHI MEREZHI» LLC, have their own truck fleet with specialized vehicles and can offer a customer a full service range for oversized cargo transportation at the territory of our country and abroad.

Types of Goods

Heavy cargoes can be large-size cargoes, but not always large-size cargoes are heavy cargoes. Agricultural equipment transportation and passenger vehicle transportation are also a separate type of services offering by forwarding companies. Depending on supposed type of cargo, you can get to know about the transportation details at corresponding section of our web-site.

Our Services

Our main activity is oversized and heavy cargo transportation, and for this task experts of the company «INSHI MEREZHI», LLC elaborate project for non-standard cargo transportation, make route, receive all necessary documents and actually transport. We can render other attendant services at customers will, for example, such as cargo support by cover vehicles, security while transporting and etc.

Specific characters of oversized cargo

Oversized cargo is cargo with length, width or height which exceed acceptable standard sizes while transportation.

However, even within one transport type (truck, in our case) there is no general notion what oversized cargo means and this procedure depends on possibilities of transport vehicle and route peculiarities.

According to the existing norms in certain European countries, the standard sizes of the truck train are 16.5 х 2.5 х 4.0 m = 38.0 ton. Any size deviations can require a special approach for transportation management: obtaining special permissions, cargo support by cover vehicles, roadway and communication development.
For example, in France there are no strong restrictions in height, but there are width restrictions of 3 m on autobahns for cargoes transported without obtaining any special permission.

There is one decision - to make route by-passing autobahns, but with obligatory cover, which requires considerable amount of money.
In Germany a critical height is 4.50 m, and each centimeter is counted. Even if a cargo is longer than 5 cm, it is necessary a long time, up to 3 months, to obtain permission. In consequence of this transportation route can be increased by hundred of kilometers. There is probability that this route will run across foreign countries and it will be necessary to obtain special permissions and agreements and because of this fact the cost will be increased several times, considering downtime of transport vehicle.

Also it is necessary to take into consideration cargo weight and corresponding requirements for transport vehicle management, especially in Ukraine and other CIS countries where main traffic bridges and overpasses were built in the 1960-s, and even the most durable bridges are not designed for cargo with weight above 80.0 ton.

All specific characters of cargo transportation in all countries cannot be described even in a considerable reference book; of course, they cannot be explained in some paragraphs. However, working experience accumulated by our company during 10 years at the market is assurance that your non-standard cargo will be delivered in time and without any damages from A point to B point.


Do not look for prices at our site – there are no prices here. Working with oversized cargoes, there are no unimportant details, and every detail can influence on target price. Any oversized or heavy cargo transportation requires an individual approach, so only after request with indicating of cargo size, cargo weight, loading-unloading point, necessary services for a customer and other obligatory characteristics, our experts will be able to offer you the most profitable transportation conditions at the most acceptable prices.

We can guarantee that transportation costs optimization is our priority task. For example, in 2009 our company received customs carrier permission and owing to this fact, transportation cost under customs control for our customers is considerably reduced.

For the same purpose, in order to transport agricultural and construction equipment we use special types of drop-frame semitrailers with special socket for wheels of transported vehicle which allow avoiding standard excess of height and owing to this fact to save the customer’s money.

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