INSHI MEREZHI Company is among the leaders of the market of oversized heavy cargo transportation and  offers its clients the most favorable terms of nonstandard cargo delivery, both within Ukraine and abroad, with appropriate execution of all the documents as may be necessary.

The services provided by our Company include route development and examination, obtaining of necessary approvals and special permits, transportation of oversized heavy cargo, organization of vehicle escorting by pilot cars, by the traffic police, the police and security guards.

Almost for all of our equipment, our Company regularly receives annual European permits to transportation of cargo of certain dimensions. Thus, if the cargo fits the established parameters, the time from the moment when the client fills in the application to the moment of actual transportation is significantly reduced.

Over the years of our operation in the sector of oversized cargo transportation, we have developed an efficient technology of mutually beneficial cooperation with clients, we have also proved that we are a reliable partner for organization of oversized cargo transportation.



In 1999, INSHI MEREZHI Company fulfilled its first order for nonstandard cargo transportation. In 2001, as a result of business restructuring, Private Enterprise INSHI MEREZHI was transformed into INSHI MEREZHI Limited Liability Company. The same year, the Company became an associate member of the Association of international Road Carriers of Ukraine (AIRC of Ukraine), and next year - a member of the Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine (AIFFU).

Providing transportation and forwarding services, INSHI MEREZHI LLC plays a significant part in the development of Ukraine’s transport industry. Since 2003, for high level of the services provided as the carrier of heavy, oversized and dangerous cargo, our Company was awarded the title of “Leader of the Transportation Industry" within the framework of the all-Ukrainian project "Transport Ukraine".

In 2009, we obtained the customs carrier license authorizing to transport the goods under customs control, without the customs escort and a guarantee of customs payments.

In 2012 INSHI MEREZHI Company transported the Christmas tree for the Vatican.

In 2014 our Company transported the aircraft of the President of Ukraine from BoryspilAirport to the Aviation Museum of Ukraine.


Transport Fleet

We have all of the necessary technical resources and a broad experience, so we are able to deliver the most complex cargo by the optimal route.

Our Company’s fleet consists of 20 special-purpose haulage trucks and 25 specialized semi-trailers manufactured in Belgium, Holland and Germany and designed exclusively for transportation of oversized heavy cargo.

Regular updating of our transport fleet allows us to respond quickly to requests of our clients and fulfill a wide range of orders for transportation of various types of non-standard cargoes. Thus, platforms of our semi-trailers can be extended up to 21.0 m and are designed to carry the cargo weighing up to 60.0 t – for example, non-standard containers, metal structures, construction and road equipment, etc. Sliding deep loading trailers with the platform height of 0.5-0.6 m and capacity from 20.0 to 45.0 t allows us, with minimum expenses for special permits, to transport any oversized or heavy cargo, from combine harvesters to products of metallurgical and machine-building enterprises.


If your non-standard or heavy cargo can be transported by road in principle, INSHI MEREZHI Company will definitely find the optimal vehicle type for it in our vehicle fleet.