Vehicles designated to transport people are a very specific cargo. Many glass and plastic details make this cargo very fragile. A high cost of components of any vehicle intended for passenger transportation makes any transportation, even for a short distance, a very important event. And often passenger transport is classified as oversized cargo when it is transported by other vehicles.

INSHI MEREZHI LLC has an extensive experience of organizing the transportation and transporting the vehicles classified as passenger transport. For the first time in the world practice, we transported the TU-104М airplane, and also one of the largest cargo-and-passenger helicopters  - MI - 26 for the State Aviation Museum of Ukraine. In 2008, we transported a new aircraft AN-148 from Kharkov to Iran. We also transported aircrafts for the Nikolaev Aircraft Repairs Enterprise, in particular, SU-24. On many occasions we transported railway cars with the weight of some of them reaching 50.0 tons.

Along with the land transportation of oversized heavy cargoes, the operation of our Company is closely connected with sea and river ports, from which on many occasions we transported boats, motor boats, keel boats, both within the country and internationally. Yachts and motor boats are an expensive and fragile cargo, with their structure intended for a uniform pressure on the body in a state of immersion in the water, and so any movement of such a vessel should be made with pinpoint accuracy. At the disposal of our Company we have our own car fleet with the vehicles ideal for transportation of yachts and motor boats of any model range, as well as the necessary fastening equipment to ensure the protection of the gel coat and chrome surfaces of a vessel.