In Ukraine, transportation of agricultural machinery is one of the most popular services within the oversized cargo transportation sector, since many regions of the country traditionally focus on agriculture. Owing to long-term close cooperation with manufacturers, we have thoroughly studied the specifics of agricultural machinery which we accept for transportation.

For transportation of such machinery our Company uses drop-frame semi-trailers of the Jumbo type with arches for wheels of agricultural machinery, as well as deep loading trailers with the loading platform height 0.50 – 0.60 m. We also have trailers with the loading platform height of 0.90 – 1.00 m which can be extended from 10.0 m when folded to 21.0 m when maximally stretched. As a rule, agricultural machinery is not as heavy as, for example, construction machinery, and so can be transported appropriately with trailers of 40.0 t carrying capacity. Special-purpose light-alloy access ramps are used to bring a vehicle on the platform. Or it will be a drop-frame semi-trailer with detachable gooseneck and a vehicle will be brought on the platform through the front detachable part of the trawl.

Attachments are the main feature of agricultural machinery. This means that when transporting such cargo, we pay attention not only to weight and dimensions, but also to the possibility / impossibility of placing mounted units on the same platform, and this directly affects the final cost of the service for the client. Committed to saving your money, our specialists will choose the most advantageous method to transport your agricultural machinery.